Italian Sandwich Menu

Made with the BEST Boar's Head Meats & Cheeses.

1/3  to 1/2 pound of  Meat & Cheeses, sliced to order,

on Your Choice of Italian Ciabatta Roll, Sliced Italian Bread, Portuguese  Roll,

Wrap or Kaiser Roll.**

Your Choice of Toppings & Deli Pickle Chips.

$6.99 Sandwiches*

Boar's Head Bologna & Cheese

Cheese (Your Choice)

Reg. or Sweet Lebanon & Cheese

Ham(any flavor) & Cheese

Turkey(any flavor) & Cheese

Hard  or Genoa Salami & Cheese 

Tuna or Chicken Salad 

$7.99 Sandwiches*

Roast Beef & Cheese

Pastrami & Cheese

Corned Beef & Cheese

Comunale's Signature Sandwiches*

​Prosciutto & Comunale's Fresh Mozzarella        $8.99

The American                                                       $6.99 

(Ham, Bologna & American Cheese)

The Italian                                                             $7.99

(Ham, Salami,Pepperoni & Provolone)

The Godfather                                                        $9.99

(Comunale's Own Cappicola, Sopressatta, Salami, Ham & Provolone)

Hot Menu Items*

Italian Porketta with Provolone                          $6.99

Eye Round Steak Sandwich                              $7.99

Meatball Parmigiana                                           $4.99

(Made with Comunale's own meatballs)

Sausage w/Peppers & Onions                            $4.99

(Made with Comunale's own sausage)

​1/4 pound  Hot Dog                                                     $1.99

Hot Dog w/ Sauerkraut                                       $2.79

Reuben Dog                                                            $2.99

(1/4 pound Hot Dog w/ Swiss Cheese, Brown Mustard & Sauerkraut)

Pasta Wednesdays*

Call or check our Facebook page for our weekly Pasta special.


Baked Ziti

Chicken Parmigiana Bake

Sausage w/ Farfalle in Garlic Sauce

​Just to name a few!

*prices do not include tax.

** We do not make Submarine-style Sandwiches.