We are a Federal Firearms dealer and have been selling firearms in the Slate Belt for many years.  Whether you want to purchase a gun for hunting ,personal protection or sport shooting, you have come to the right place! We sell, buy, or trade firearms. We also purchase large or small collections  or single guns for cash.  You can also get store credit for  your firearm for, any item in our  store.

Special  services are also offered, such as appraisal services for  single guns or entire collections ,scope mounting , boresighting and professional cleaning of your firearm. We carry most major brands of firearms and will get you any firearm that is available to us, most of which will arrive in a few days. Specials on firearms, ammo and accessories are offered each week. Before you make a long drive to the big box retailers come see us . If you enjoy shooting  and need  shooting lessons, we have a network of qualified instructors that we work with and can refer you to them. If you are unsure of the Pa gun laws come in for a free guide. Bring the family in, enjoy something to eat and check out our growing personal military and antique gun collection on display. If you don't see the gun you want ask we will get it in a few short days!

We can do your firearm transfers. They are by appointment only, no walk ins.  The fee for each firearm is $50.00  for each firearm . Please call  us before you have any firearm sent to us. You will be called when  your firearm is logged into our  system and an appointment will be set up for you to do your paperwork and background check. Always check with us first before you buy somewhere else, we offer service AFTER the sale!

Stop in for our Weekly Specials.

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